Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Who owns the PROTOCOL brand?
    • PROTOCOL is a trademarked brand owned by JS Products Inc. and based out of Las Vegas, NV.

  • Where is PROTOCOL based?
    • PROTOCOL is proudly American staffed, owned, and engineered, with a vast network of global partners contributing to our supply chain.

  • What sets PROTOCOL apart from other work support brands?
    • Our commitment to innovation, durability, and forward thinking, combined with a deep understanding of the worker's needs, sets us apart. We embody the best of America's work ethic and values.


  • Can I purchase PROTOCOL product directly from this site?
    • No, at this time PROTOCOL products are available as a Home Depot exclusive and can be purchased at

  • Can the PROTOCOL sawhorses be converted into miter saw stands?
    • Yes, but with specific compatibility. Our proprietary mounting brackets are designed to convert only the SAW70 and SAW46PK models of PROTOCOL sawhorses into miter saw stands. Please note that these brackets are not compatible with the SAW40 and SAW46 models. This feature ensures a seamless transformation for these select models, offering you versatility and convenience where it's available.

  • What's unique about the slim profile mounting brackets?
    • Our proprietary slim profile mounting brackets are versatile, designed to fit most miter saws. They offer dual mounting positions to ensure larger miter saws are centered over the chassis for added stability.

  • How do the adjustable material supports work on the miter saw stand?
    • They feature locking adjustable saddles to align with the miter saw's cutting deck and flip-up guides to securely hold the material in place.

  • How do the non-marring feet protect flooring?
    • These feet are made of high-strength polypropylene and designed to provide traction without leaving marks, making them safe for even delicate flooring.

Customer Support & After-Purchase

  • How can I get in touch with customer service?
    • We offer multiple support channels, including phone, & email. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.

  • I have feedback about a product. How can I share it?
    • We value customer feedback! Please fill out our Contact Us form or email our support team to share your thoughts.