80 in. x 29 in. Stationary Lightweight Aluminum Portable Miter Saw Stand with 500 lb. Capacity

SKU: 42577 MODEL: CUT80 UPC: 099198425771
  • MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY - Convenient, portable miter saw workstation designed to maximize your productivity
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABILITY - Lightweight and durable aluminum, steel and glass-filled nylon construction
  • EXTENDING ARMS - Arms adjust from a portable 46-inches to a work ready 80-inches to support up to 128-inches of material
  • SLIM PROFILE MOUNTING BRACKETS - Dual-position mounting brackets fit most miter saws and center them over the workstation chassis
  • ADJUSTABLE MATERIAL SUPPORTS - Dual material supports with adjustable saddles help keep workpieces centered
  • BUMPER GUIDES - Rotating bumpers on material supports prevent overlong workpieces from sliding off
  • NON-MARRING FEET - Replaceable non-marring feet on stand legs protect finished flooring from damage
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Double-ended handles with built-in wheels and tool holders
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY - PROTOCOL's guarantee against defects in workmanship and material for three full years
  • HANGING BRACKET - Compatible with 1-inch x 1-inch pegboards or wall mount; neatly store and access equipment effortlessly (fasteners not included)

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Turn any spot of ground or flooring into a material cutting workstation with the PROTOCOL 42577 80-Inch, 500-Pound Capacity Lightweight Aluminum Miter Saw Stand and Portable Workstation. This updated take on a classic jobsite accessory adds innovative enhancements to make working on large or overlong workpieces even easier. Built of lightweight aluminum and durable steel, this rugged accessory can support tools and workpieces totaling up to 500-pounds. Each of the material supports are fitted with an adjustable head that can be slid to either side to better center workpieces with the mounted saw. In addition, each support saddle is fit with a pair of rotating bumper guides that prevent stock from sliding off the saddle when preparing a cut and even feature mounting holes to turn the support into a fence, end stop, or create a larger work bed. To better enhance portability, each end of the chassis is fitted with a transport handle that has built-in wheels to make moving the collapsed stand easier than ever. The included slim profile tool mounts secure miter saws and other tools to the rails without adding unnecessary height that makes opening them unwieldy. Carrying handles on the side double as tool holders when stand is deployed and can also be used to store wrapped extension and power cords. Glass fiber reinforced nylon feet on the stand legs are easily replaceable when worn out and work to protect finished flooring from damage. Spend less time setting up and more time getting work done, with PROTOCOL.


With dual mounting positions, these brackets ensure larger miter saws are perfectly centered over the chassis, optimizing stability and precision in every cut.


Designed with adjustable saddles, they perfectly align with the miter saw's cutting deck. The flip-up guides further ensure material remains securely in place, guaranteeing flawless cuts every time.


Expertly designed for convenient storage of small tools, they also double as a cord minder, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient workspace every time.


Specifically designed for seamless transitions, these handles boast integrated wheels, ensuring you can effortlessly roll your equipment directly to where the action is, every time.


Designed to provide superior traction without compromise, these feet ensure stability on any surface while preventing damage to even the most delicate floors, guaranteeing a safe and mark-free workspace.